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We have the experience and depth of technical knowledge and expertise to deliver the finest results for every customer. We work with top-quality materials from trusted suppliers, and our pursuit of perfection for every order has made Planet Powder Coat the preferred provider of powder coating services in Auckland.

With our comprehensive facilities, we are fully equipped to powder coat a wide range of items ranging from small aluminium parts to large items such as gates and fences. Our area of expertise is in powder coating flashings, panels and gates and fences, and we often work with Planet Gates & Fences to deliver superior powder coatings for gates and fences made out of aluminium or stainless, galvanised and mild steels.

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Our finishes & compounds

We have an extensive range of Dulux powder coat colours and finishes to make your products stand out from the rest.

Dulux offers both standard and made-to-order colours, and have a range of powder coat mixes to create unique finishes such as metallic, rippled, textured, high-gloss, matte and hammer finishes.

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Our quality suppliers

We only use high quality powders from Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings, and all our suppliers are fully endorsed by our powder coating experts.

The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a process of painting whereby a special type of paint is sprayed onto surfaces in dry powder form. The powder paint is applied electrostatically, which means it uses charged particles which bond with metal surfaces upon heating to ensure a complete coating. Every surface must be smooth and free from other forms of coating or rust, so the pre-treatment process is essential beforehand.

After the powder coat is applied with a coating gun, the item is heated in an oven at a specific temperature then dried in another special oven.

During the drying process, the powder melts and penetrates the surface of the material, protecting it and giving it a new life in colour.